We administer corona tests every day of the week and work day and night with laboratory analysis. See business hours on this website and on Facebook.


RT-PCR test on ships

We can administer tests on ship crews. We come to your location to do the tests, regardless of where in the country you’re located. You will receive the results the same day.

RT-PCR test on employees

We can administer tests on employees. We can do the tests at the place of work, or employees can come to one of our test locations. Tests can be administered outside regular business hours. Everyone receives a same day reply.


Stricter guidelines internationally demand the availability of a certificate. The certificate is printed, signed, stamped and sent to you by e-mail. The original certificate is also available in paper. The cost for this service is DKK 200 including tax.

Certificate – Apple Wallet
All costumers get the option of automatically storing a corona certificate in their Apple Wallet. This includes both the RT-PCR and Elisa antibody tests. Vaccine information is stored with the test results so that all information is available as one document.
In order to add vaccine information to the document, please have your vaccine certificate ready at the testing facility.

Rapid RT-PCR tests

We can administer emergency tests. For one person, the result is ready within 4 hours, all times of day. An extra charge is added to the usual cost, subject to contract..

Test outside regular business hours

We can administer tests outside regular business hours if the need arises. Usually these tests are aministered in conjunction with evening tests.

Antibody test IgG

We test the IgG antibody. Have you received the first or second vaccine shot? Do you suspect that you’ve had corona?
We can test you for corona antibodies. The procedure includes a blood sample where we check for the IgG antibody. We test whether you have previously been infected with COVID-19 and also whether you’ve been vaccinated. Additionally we test for the amount of antibodies in your blood.
The cost for each test is DKK 395.
At the moment these tests are done on Thursdays.





Call +298 791804 or send email to info@coronatest.fo