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Announcing the launch of new laboratory

With the launch of the new laboratory, it is now possible for both Faroese citizens and travellers to get tested for COVID-19 without a doctor’s reference. The laboratory is run by Thetis and is located in iNova, the research park, at Hoyvíksvegur in Tórshavn.

The laboratory was launched in the wake of the reopening of the Faroe Islands, which will lead to an increase of travel, both to and from the country. As part of the reopening, corona tests no older than five days are required, and these can be administered quickly and efficiently at iNova.

“We want to do our part, so that both Faroese people and travellers can get a quick and easy corona test. Thetis has a wealth of experience in laboratory work and this area of work was therefore a natural choice to step into and to cooperate with others about. We have worked day and night to make it possible for Faroese people to get tested, now that our borders are reopening.”

The laboratory uses testing methods recommended by the WHO, and has been evaluated by Novo Nordisk and Rigshospitalet, the specialised hospital in Copenhagen, which showed the test to have an accuracy of 99.5%.

Corona tests are administered on a daily basis and each test will cost DKK 390.
You can register for a test on on this website.

More information is available from Marita Debess Magnussen marita@thetis.fo.
You can also call +298 791804.