We administer corona tests every day of the week and work day and night with laboratory analysis. See business hours on this website and on Facebook.

Business hours

Business hours:

Tórshavn, Hoyvíksvegur 51(iNova)
Monday to Friday
8:00 – 15:00
Tuesday – regular PCR corona tests and IgG antibody tests
Tuesday 8:00 – 12:00

Saturday and Sunday
13:00 – 15:00

Weekdays – the first ones will receive test result before 16:00
Weekends – you will received test result before 19:00

We are always available for testing. Call us on +298 791804 or send email to info@coronatest.fo


í Vágunum(omanfyri flogvøllin
Mánadagin 22. novemburkl. 10:00-11.00
Týsdagin 23. novembur kl. 12:30-13:30
Mikudagin 24. novembur kl. 11.30-12.30
Hósdagin 25. novembur kl. 11:30-12:00
Fríggjadagin 26. novembur kl. 10:00-11.00
Leygardagin 27. novembur kl. 12:30-13:30
Sunnudagin 28. novembur kl. 12:00-13:00

By appointment with Petra Müller tlf. +298 561558


Feel free to call us at +298 791804 or send email to info@coronatest.fo
We are also on Facebook

We do corona tests every day. RT-PCR test costs DKK 390. Antibody test costs DKK 395.
Order a test on this website.